We encourage those who create their own comic strips on this site to both print copies of what they complete, as well as to send emailed copies to themselves and friends. This can be useful for a user who wants to create a comic portfolio or a comic series for ongoing adventures of favorite characters.

Some educators also requested the ability to be able to save a comic strip electronically so that students can build on what they create. To transfer a created comix to a Word or other document, you'll need a graphic program like Photoshop, Fireworks or Paint on your computer.

Start with a screen where you can see your completed comix. It could be the comix creation page, the print page or even after you email yourself a comix and you click on the link sent to you. Now, with the comix you want to copy on screen, use the PC or Mac functions keys to take a "Screen Grab" of the comic strip you want to save. (For example, in a PC you would hold down the "FUNCTION" (fn) key while hitting the "PRINT SCREEN" key (prt sc). Then, open Photoshop or Fireworks or other graphic program, create a new file, and "PASTE" the image saved to the computer's memory. (In a PC you can also hold down CONTROL + V at the same time - this is a shortcut to PASTE.)

Using the crop function in the graphics program, remove the unwanted edges of the image, then save or export the comix as an image file such as ".GIF" or ".JPG" or ".TIF".

(Please do not remove the line that credits MakeBeliefsComix, so students and other viewers of the comix in the future will be directed back to the web site.) Once the image is saved, you can easily paste it into a Word document or PowerPoint slideshow to create a series of comic strips you have developed. On this same word document you can copy and add additional comic strips so that document, when printed, will look like a comic book page and start the student on creating their own complete comic book. A student reviewing such a portfolio created over the course of a school term will be quite proud of what she achieved.