Click on the Next and Previous arrows below and learn how to create, email and print your comix strips.
To set your Comic Creator Account CLICK HERE.

  • 1. The MakeBeliefsComix app will default to a three-panel comic strip. Use the blue scroller bar in the Cast of Characters section below to view all of the available characters. Click on a character you like and four different versions of that same character will then appear.
  • 2. Select the one you like for your story and he or she will appear in the blank panel you are working on (the one with a red bar around it).
  • 3. You manipulate the character in the panel by using the panel tools below the selected panel. The choices are Move, Scale, Bring to Front, Flip (horizontally) and Delete. First select the tool you wish to use. Then select the object in your panel for the action to occur.
  • 4. To place a talk or thought balloon for the character in which you can type words, click on our Balloons library and choose the size you wish. Use the scroll bar to see the sizes available.
  • 5. Do the same for Objects, Words and Backgrounds for your comic. (See the color wheel in the Backgrounds section.) You can build a comic story of up to 9 panels by clicking on the box with a plus (+). If you don’t like how the panel you are working on looks, delete it by clicking on the negative box (-) at the top left over the panels.
  • 6. Click on the PRINT/EMAIL button. On this page you will be able to review your completed panels, go back and edit your panels, print your comix or save the comic panels to your desktop or image directory. You may also email your panels to yourself or friends and family. Make sure you have named your comic and included the author's name.