Technical Support

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Dear site visitor,

Some users have reported problems in using the site since the programming was upgraded recently to accommodate a larger number of comic characters. The system operates with the latest Adobe Flash Player and you may need to upgrade your Adobe software to now use the site. Go to: to download the latest version of Flash Player. If you run into trouble downloading the Flash Player, go to Adobe's comprehensive HELP page at

MakeBeliefsComix works with all browsers, but we suggest, from experience, that users try Firefox if the other browser they currently use does not work.

If you still have problems, please send us a note by clicking on the SEND FEEDBACK button on the bottom navigation bar and describe your problem. Include the type of computer or Mac you use, the name of the operating system and which browser (including, if possible, which version number) you use. We will do our best to help you resolve any problems.

If you are working from a school or institution, it would be best to first speak to your tech person to see if he or she can resolve the problem, such as by upgrading the Flash Player software.

Some schools have imposed Internet technology rules that block Flash or interactive web sites for the safety of students. You may need to request an exception so that can be used in class. If your school has blocking rules in place you could ask your administration or technology group to allow our site to be used as an educational tool. The site does not share any user information from creating comix, so it's a safe resource for students and teachers.

Please let us know if you still have problems or any other operating questions and we'll do our best to help you.


Bill Zimmerman