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Here's a story shared by Sonia Camara, a teacher in Bilbao, Spain, on how she uses MakeBeliefsComix to help students with physical disabilities.

  • "I am a Spanish teacher of handicapped children very interested in how new technologies can improve the access to knowledge to this group with special needs, so I created an online course in IT skills for teachers that work in public schools specialized in this kind of children. The result has been incredible and very useful because MakeBeliefsComix permits children with movement limitations to create their own comic without needing the skills for precise drawing. Some of them use adapted mouses or computers but at least they can draw, thanks to it! They are very happy about it. So you can see, your program can help not only 'normal' people, but the 'special' ones as well."

Here are links to some of the children's work:

SUBMIT YOUR OWN STORY! ( We want to hear how using this site helps people with different abilities. Please include your name, affiliation, city and country.

There is another Teacher Resources page on this site which offers 21 additional ideas on how to use MakeBeliefsComix in the classroom. Please give it a try, too.